The U.S. Needs a New ICBM Now

by General (Ret.) C. Robert "Bob" Kehler

“The United States relies on nuclear weapons to deter adversaries from attacking us and our allies and to assure allies that we will stand by our security commitments to them. While 21st Century strategic deterrence and assurance strategies must be tailored to a larger number of independent actors and be built on a broad array of capabilities and elements of U.S. power, nuclear weapons remain foundational in all our national security calculations….” 

Read the full article, originally published by the National Institute for Public Policy, here

General (Ret.) C. Robert

General (Ret.) C. Robert "Bob" Kehler

General Robert Kehler retired from the United States Air Force in 2013 after almost 39 years of distinguished service. He offers his expertise as a consultant, non-executive corporate Director of two international aerospace companies, and as a Trustee of the Mitre Corporation. He speaks widely on matters of national security, particularly governance, institutions and organizations, and military.
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