Wormhole Escalation in the New Nuclear Age

by Ms. Rebecca Hersman

“Increasingly capable and intrusive digital information technologies, advanced dual-use military capabilities, and diffused global power structures will reshape future crises and conflicts between nuclear-armed adversaries and challenge traditional ways of thinking about escalation and stability. This emerging security environment will require new concepts and tools to manage the risk of unintended escalation and reduce nuclear dangers.”

Read the full article, originally published in the summer of 2020, by The Texas National Security Review, here.

(Image credit: Air Force Global Strike Command Air Forces Strategic Air)

Ms. Rebecca Hersman

Ms. Rebecca Hersman

Rebecca Hersman is Director of the Project on Nuclear Issues and Senior Advisor for the International Security Program, and has previously worked at the DOD, Council on Foreign Relations, and House Armed Services Committee. She specializes in defense strategy and capabilities, defense and security, geopolitics and international security, and weapons of mass destruction proliferation.
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