“Training the Military for the Next War”

by Dr. Jacquelyn G. Schneider

Originally posted by War on the Rocks. Listen to the full podcast here.

“How should the U.S. military prepare for the conflicts of the future? Military threats in the cyber, digital, and information domains present new training challenges. Synthetic training” seeks to address these obstacles – but what is it, anyway, how does it work in practice, and is the military trying to throw too much new tech at the problem? Managing Editor Usha Sahay discussed the future of military training with three experts in the perfect setting: over cocktails in a seaside mansion-turned-bar in Newport, Rhode Island.” 

Dr. Jacquelyn G. Schneider

Dr. Jacquelyn G. Schneider

Dr. Jacquelyn G. Schneider is an Assistant Professor at the U.S. Naval War College and a core faculty member of the Center for Cyber Conflict Studies. She also holds adjunct positions at the Center for a New American Security. Her 12 year career also includes six years as an Air Force Officer in South Korea and Japan. Her research now focuses on the intersection of technology, national security, and political psychology with a special interest in cyber, unmanned technologies, and Northeast Asia.
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