The Consequences of US Withdrawal from the INF Treaty

by Mr. Frank A. Rose

“Given Russia’s clear violation of the treaty through the deployment of a treaty-prohibited ground-launched cruise missile, the Administration’s decision to withdraw from the treaty is certainly understandable. However, I am concerned that the Trump Administration’s haphazard diplomatic announcement of the decision may ultimately shift the international blame for the demise of the treaty from Russia, where it belongs, to the United States.”


In this podcast, Foreign Policy Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution Frank Rose discusses the likelihood of Russia coming back into compliance with the agreement and offers his thoughts on whether the administration handled the announcement correctly.


Listen to the full podcast, originally published on Brookings, here

Mr. Frank A. Rose

Mr. Frank A. Rose

Frank A. Rose is a Senior Fellow for security and strategy in the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution. He previously served as Principal Director and Chief of Government Relations at the Aerospace Corporation, and has held various national security staff positions in the U.S. House of Representatives during his 20 year career. He specializes in nuclear strategy and deterrence, arms control, strategic stability, missile defense, outer space, and emerging security challenges.
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