INF Treaty: The Problem with the Arms Control Community

By The Hon. Frank Miller

“When one party continually violates the agreements it has signed without penalty, it establishes a pattern that undercuts the value of treaties and discredits the entire practice of such diplomacy. Indeed, when one party violates treaties while the other party complies, the national security and the credibility of the complying party — and its allies — is endangered and the violator is emboldened to continue the practice.”


This article analyzes the arms control community’s response to the news of a potential INF withdrawal, and raises the question: if you truly care about arms control, why would you support staying in a treaty that is unilaterally being violated? Miller argues that sustained inaction has undermined our ability to protect our allies and has eroded our reputation in enforcing treaties.


This article was originally published on Defense News. Read the full article here

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