3Q: Barry Posen on the NATO Summit and state of the alliance

by Dr. Barry R. Posen

In this interview, NSWG member Barry Posen answers the questions like, “Do our allies ‘owe’ us money?”, “What role does [NATO] play today?”, and “Do you agree with President Trump that ‘NATO is much stronger now than it was before’?”


This interview was originally published on MIT News. Read or listen to the full interview here

Dr. Barry R. Posen

Dr. Barry R. Posen

Dr. Barry R. Posen is Ford International Professor of Political Science at MIT, Director of the MIT Security Studies Program, and serves on the Executive Committee of Seminar XXI. He has held numerous fellowship positions during his 40 year career, and specializes in security studies, international relations, international security, military strategy, restraint, nuclear studies and military doctrine.
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