Why North Korea Is Testing Missiles Again

by Dr. Vipin Narang

“After 522 days without a ballistic missile test, North Korea is at it again. On May 4, two months after the failed Hanoi summit, Pyongyang fired a new type of solid-fuel short range ballistic missile and tested two separate multiple rocket launch systems. Any hope that the test was a one-off evaporated just five days later, when North Korea again launched several of the new short range ballistic missiles, one of which traveled as far as 420 kilometers.”

Read the full article, originally published by Foreign Affairs, here.

Dr. Vipin Narang

Dr. Vipin Narang

Dr. Vipin Narang is an Associate Professor of Political Science at MIT and member of MIT’s Security Studies Program. He has previously held fellowships at both Harvard and Stanford Universities. His research interests include nuclear proliferation and strategy, South Asian security, and general security studies.
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