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The Persistence of Falsehoods About the Iran Nuclear Agreement

Published by The National Interest

By Paul Pillar

The opposition to the JCPOA became a major, well-funded movement that came close to killing the JCPOA in its infancy.  Well-rehearsed talking points, including misleading or false ones, had ample opportunity to gain air time and column space.  The opposition offensive slackened once the JCPOA took effect and was no longer a front-page item.  Then the election of Trump, with his campaign rhetoric including excoriation of the agreement, re-energized the opposition to the JCPOA.  Many of the same old themes, notwithstanding the agreement’s success in the meantime in being implemented and maintaining its tight restrictions on, and scrutiny of, Iran’s nuclear program, are being repeated.  And like Trump, who keeps repeating falsehoods about crowd sizes, voter fraud, and much else regardless of how many times his assertions are disproved and debunked, the anti-JCPOA themes that are misleading or false keep getting repeated despite having been refuted long ago.  The sheer repetition gets many people believing what is repeated.

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