Co-chaired by Dr. Janne Nolan and Dr. Geoffrey Kemp of the Center for the National Interest, the Iran Futures Project brings former flag officers together with Middle East experts and senior Israeli national security officials in support of sustainable policy partnerships to address growing proliferation concerns in the Middle East. The current domestic debate has done little to promote sustainable solutions to deal with an Iranian leadership determined to pursue nuclear energy, and, possibly, a nuclear weapons capability. Partisan interference and tension between Congress and the administration have impeded strategies that offer a substitute to increasing coercive pressure on Iran. By working to generate bipartisan support for an alternative set of policy prescriptions that prioritize long-term security interests, this project seeks to elevate and redirect domestic discourse and empower a broad range of U.S. and Israeli stakeholders to promote an American policy toward Iran that better serves the national interest.

The NSWG has worked behind-the-scenes to build consensus and increase communication and understanding across the partisan divide and between the executive and legislative branches of government during the Iranian-P5+1 negotiations. The group has also been briefed by some of the nation’s top Iran experts on the domestic situation in Iran and the state of the ongoing negotiations.