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Cordesman_NSWG_photoChinese Strategy and Military Power in 2014,

Dr. Anthony Cordesman

Center for Strategic and International Studies

November 2014


The Need for Focused Military Dialogue

The goal behind this report is not to present the authors’ view of the balance, but rather to provide the basis for an unclassified dialogue on the military developments in China, including the size and structure of the country’s current and planned military forces. This is why it draws on a wide range of often conflicting official US, Chinese, and other Asian official reporting, supplemented by the work of other scholars and the data bases developed by the IISS and Jane’s in an effort to compare different views of Chinese strategy and military developments. It is not meant to provide one view of balance, Chinese forces, or Chinese strategy, but rather to provide US, Chinese, and other analysts with a better basis for understanding Western estimates of the changes in Chinese force strength and force quality.

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