NSWG socializingThe Nuclear Security Working Group (NSWG) is a bipartisan group of senior foreign policy experts working behind the scenes to build consensus on pressing nuclear security issues and promote bipartisan discourse about the benefits of nuclear diplomacy.

The NSWG is chaired by Dr. Janne Nolan of the Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University.

With membership drawn from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, the NSWG provides a forum for experts in different fields to share their perspectives and learn from one another. Through frequent dinner meetings and conferences, the NSWG enables the nation’s leading experts in international security and nuclear issues to share information and collaborate. The group conducts its activities in a not-for-attribution setting, enabling members and participants to freely express their thoughts and ideas.

By establishing a knowledge base of non-partisan foreign policy professionals, the NSWG serves as a resource for administration officials and members of Congress to utilize when real-time expertise is needed. Members of the group regularly meet with senior administration officials and members of both parties on Capitol Hill to help bridge the partisan divide and contribute to the formation and implementation of a nuclear security policy that serves the national interest of the United States.


 NSWG’s work is made possible by generous funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.